Invisible Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities examines the lives of two charismatic adults with special needs and the daily challenges they face. The film shares the complex reality of what it means to live with an “invisible disability,” which at first glance may not be readily apparent. Given the misperceptions and mistaken judgments that they frequently encounter, the film looks at the ways their families address such problems and how they work within their home communities to prioritize safety. As we become intimately connected with our characters through footage from their everyday lives, renowned experts Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Sally Ozonoff discuss how individuals, families, and communities can help create meaningful high-quality lives for our special needs population. Intimate, moving, and inspirational, this educational documentary with its accompanying discussion guide will change our understanding of the problems this population encounters and allow us to see the very real contributions they make to our communities, when given the chance.

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