Current Projects

READy, or Not?

Through intimate footage READy or NOT? shows the resilience and strength of two women as they passionately advocate to provide free literacy programs for their own children and their communities. Top education experts share the historical context of early childhood education, and explain why learning to read is an essential human right. The stakes become clear as we see that technology is one of the fastest ways to close the disparities gap. Despite significant barriers like language, learning disability, and socio-economic status, these two women fight tirelessly to provide our youngest generation with the most foundational indicator of long-term life success: the ability to read.

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Deep South Cancer Fighters

A documentary short that shares the story of community health workers in rural Alabama.  African American communities in the United States experience higher rates of disease and death when compared to other ethnic groups.  In Eutaw AL, poverty, few medical resources, and low education levels contribute to cancer health disparities.  Additionally, internalized fear and shame around cancer has compounded the issue.  In response, a group of women have joined together to help close the racial disparities gap by providing access to life saving cancer screenings.



However Long

However Long is an intimate portrait of women living with metastatic (stage four) breast cancer, and the unique support group that connects them all.  As these women process challenging questions about living with an incurable disease, themes like resiliency, hope, and ferocious honesty emerge.  However Long addresses the question that all human beings need to ask themselves:  how do you want to live the rest of your life?

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