Current Projects

READy, or Not?

When kids start behind, they stay behind. READy or Not?, a film in production will tell the story of our earliest learners, and show us why our future depends on their literacy and success in school. Over 50% of children who live in poverty will not be kindergarten ready, and early literacy rates continue to decline. As we intimately spend time with several preschoolers and their families, we hear from experts about the literacy connection to social justice outcomes, and learn that solutions are within our reach.


Deep South Cancer Fighters

A documentary short that shares the story of community health workers in rural Alabama.  African American communities in the United States experience higher rates of disease and death when compared to other ethnic groups.  In Eutaw AL, poverty, few medical resources, and low education levels contribute to cancer health disparities.  Additionally, internalized fear and shame around cancer has compounded the issue.  In response, a group of women have joined together to help close the racial disparities gap by providing access to life saving cancer screenings.



However Long

A feature length documentary that follows the journey of several women in Salt Lake City, Utah who have Metastatic (stage four) breast cancer. How would you live your life if you discovered you had an incurable disease? Approximately 30% of women with breast cancer will have the disease spread, and receive the diagnosis of MBC. Despite early detection and new treatments, we are not doing enough for the 40,000 women who continue to die from the disease. This documentary looks at the experience of the women who are living with a disease with no cure in sight, the researchers who are trying to cure it, and the activists who are fighting for more funding and better treatment.